Welcome Back

Community Church has had the joy of sending some of our very best folks on to the mission field over the past several years - the Jennings, Morgans, Donahoos, Webbers, and Davises.  And if you read the various reports and newsletters we receive from them it's obvious the Lord is doing some amazing and significant things in and through them. 

And now we have the special privilege of having some of these folks back in our midst for a season.  The Morgans have been here in Moody already for a couple of weeks and will likely be around for several months.  The Donahoos just arrived and will be in and out of Moody for the next month.  And soon the Webbers will be in our midst for a while.  Already I've personally been greatly blessed by Steve and Laura Morgan's return and ministry and I look forward to receiving similar blessings from visiting with the Donahoos and Webbers. 

The unique thing about these particular folks is that they are both "ours" and "not ours" at the same time.  They are from us, know us, have lived among us, and understand us better than the average missionary possibly could.  But they're also fully immersed in God's call that has taken them away from us.  They can speak more objectively to us, more freely, from a bigger perspective, and with a different set of priorities than what we're accustomed to.  Thus, it makes sense that we should long to meet with and hear from them because in a sense we're getting the best of two worlds ... close, loving friends who can speak from a perspective we've not and may never be able to experience ourselves.  I believe they have much to offer and we need to listen.  Please reach out to and be blessed by them!

The Community family will have one such opportunity for blessing this Sunday when Trace Donahoo preaches from Galatians 5:1-15 about the freedom we have in Christ.  Prayerfully read this passage prior to worship.  Anita and I will miss being here this Sunday ... we will be visiting with Jesse and Shirley Humphrey up in North Carolina.  (btw, another couple who is a blessing to spend time with!)