Safety Conscious

Whether or not you're a NASCAR fan you have to be stunned by the wild crash that occurred at the end of this past weekend's race at Daytona.  If you haven't seen the video of this you should take the time to watch it ... not to make you a race fan, but rather to give you an appreciation of the safety measures that are in place that allow someone to survive a wreck like this!  Not only survive, but walk away with just a bruised arm.

I'm amazed that when people want to be careful we take great precautions, go to great lengths to insure safety, and utilize many resources provide for our protection.  Steadily improving automotive safety, child-proofing products that even some adults can't access, instituting better regulations for safe building codes, more visible warning labels on harmful products, constant investigation of toys that could harm children, etc. ... sometimes it seems we're a bit obsessive about wanting to be "safe" and protect ourselves and our families.

However, there are other areas where we don't show much concern for safety at all.  Many of us are gluttons and are doing great harm to our hearts and bodies with our eating patterns; around the house we'll plug in multiple cords into an outlet because house fires only happen elsewhere;  we'll think nothing of getting in the car and flying down the road to the store (even though traffic deaths claim more than 30,000 lives a year here in America); we'll allow TV to flow unfiltered into the hearts and minds of our children; though we may freak out over the registered offender who lives down the street we think nothing of the immodest clothing our daughters wear as they walk out the door; though we formally are against drunkenness we laugh about "boys being boys" ... the list could go on and on!

But one specific area where we lack safety consciousness is in our relationship with God.  That may sound a little strange to our ears ... why would we need to think "safety" around God?  With all the unsafe things around us in this world do we really have to think about safety in our approach to how we relate to God?  Does it really matter how we worship, how we relate to Him, how we think of God, etc?  Have we tried to reduce Christianity to a "feeling" or an "experience" or a "personal relationship with Jesus" or "faith in our faith"?  I trust that our study so far in 1 Samuel has caused us to give serious thought to these matters.  This week we'll be in chapter 6 and will again see that God isn't what we might think of as "safe."  He is a holy God ... He is heavy / weighty ... we are to relate to Him in light of these things.

But don't start thinking I'm communicating a message of doom and gloom ... that Christianity can't be joyful ... that God disapproves of laughter ... that we must always be somber and reflective.  Along with the weighty truth of God's glory we must also always consider the good news of the Gospel.  Though God isn't "safe" He offers us eternal "safety" in Christ.  And that's a reason to celebrate!  Please prayerfully read 1 Samuel 6 in preparation for this week.