Worship Season

There's an excitement in the air about this upcoming worship season!  Worshipers are busily preparing themselves to proclaim and exalt the name of their favorite god.  Those in charge of the many sanctuaries are doing all the last minute things necessary to insure that when the worshipers come they will enjoy the most worshipful atmosphere possible.  And for those days when we can't attend worship in person we are making sure we can enjoy the virtual service. The musicians are practicing and rehearsing all the praise songs that ignite the passions of worshipers and allow them to truly experience the euphoria associated with true worship.

The worship leaders are in the final stages of preparing themselves to lead us as worshipers in opposition of the dreaded enemy.  All the holy vestments have been carefully selected and fitted to each worship leader such that they will be free to lead the worship services without feeling hindered or restricted.  Those responsible for equipping our worship leaders have put in many hours of study, research, instruction, mentoring, and leading. 

We, as worshipers, are also doing all the mandated preliminary things to guarantee that worship flows from our hearts.  We have already set aside our tithes and offerings and have vowed that nothing will hinder us from our giving.  We have carefully examined our schedules and cleared them up such that nothing would interfere with worship.  We have meticulously selected our clothing for worship to make sure that the world clearly knows what god we associate with.  We have made plans to rest well on the night before worship so that our worship won't be dulled by our lack of sleep.  We have contacted other worshipers and made plans to enjoy fellowship with them before and after the worship service.  We have purchased the necessary foods and drinks for a feast at the communion table.  We have read and meditated upon the important passages that relate to our worship service.

We have likely even prayed to the God of the Bible for our own favorite god.  Wonder how He feels about our commitment to worship?