Rain is Good

It rains a lot here in Alabama ... a lot.  When folks think of rain they think of places like Seattle, WA (which only gets 2/3 the amount of rain we do) or London, England (which gets about half of what we get.)  Their rain is different than ours ... much more steady and light, not the big gully washers we have.  So it seems they get more rain but the truth is much more water is dumped on us.

And rain is good:  crops grow, lawns are healthy, reservoirs are filled, fish have a place to thrive, water sports flourish, etc.  One of the more often under-appreciated aspects of rain is this ... it exposes any and every flaw in the roof of your house!  Doesn't have to be a big hole or anything like that ... any small hole, crack, or flaw will soon be discovered.  And yes, there are some such places on the Boykin home right now that are soon to be repaired!  Water has done it's job and found ways to get through some very slight imperfections.  We didn't notice any big, gushing, flowing leaks immediately after the house was re-roofed, but rather it took some time and these flaws eventually came to light.  These leaks definitely need to be addressed before some major structural and high dollar repairs are needed.  Fortunately we discovered them prior to such.  But I almost waited too late.  I sort of suspected there was a problem in a couple of places but avoided dealing with it because I knew there would be a cost to pay in terms of time and dollars.

Have you considered that according to God's Word your heart (the essence and core of who you are) has some holes, cracks, and leaks?  Sin has damaged us and we have all sorts of flaws and imperfections.  Sometimes these flaws are major and visible, but often they are very subtle and can't be detected by normal human observation.  Things like pride, lust, covetousness, etc. The only way to spot such flaws is to have the Gospel poured out like water on our hearts!  When we become so saturated with the Gospel, even those tiny flaws will be identified and we'll be able to do something about them before some costly structural damage has been done. 

A major reason why many people shy away from a thorough study of God's Word, who avoid investment in deep relationships, who are irregular in worship, who are sporadic in their prayer life, etc. is because they are afraid that real sin will actually be discovered.  They are nervous over the cost of time, energy, and dollars it may mean for them as they have to deal with the sin.  It's almost easier to ignore it and pretend everything is ok ... at least until the major damage does inevitably occur.  And then the cost is astronomical - broken relationships, lost jobs, addictions, no joy, bitterness, alienation, fear, and all sorts of spiritual detriment.  Yet the cycle continues; we choose to ignore matters until it's too late.

Like rain on a roof, the Gospel does expose our sin.  But the good news is this ... the same thing that exposes the flawed heart of sin will actually heal and restore that same heart!  I urge you to pour the living water of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ over your hearts daily.  Ask God to give you the discernment to see even the smallest of sins and then give you the grace to deal with it in repentance and faith.  Rain is good ... rain on us, O Spirit of the Living God!