Over 20 Truck Loads

A few years ago we decided to fill in the swimming pool in our backyard.  It was something we enjoyed for many, many years but as our kids got older and their interest in it began to wane we decided it was no longer worth the time, energy, and expense to maintain it.  Knowing that Jack and Joyce Sullivan had recently filled in the pool in their yard I asked Jack about it and, in typical Jack style, he then graciously offered to help me out with that project.  He asked one of his sons-in-law about bringing in some fill dirt; just so happened they were on a job and needed a place to dump some; how providential!  We knew that big hole in our yard would require a good bit of dirt ... probably 3-4 truck loads.  But as the number of loads approached and passed 20 we were completely and utterly stunned.  I had no idea how big that hole was and how much would be required to fill it in.

You've likely heard by now that Quinn, our Assistant Pastor, has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of Grace Presbyterian PCA in Shreveport, LA.  Quinn, Kim, and the family will probably move at the end of the year.  When they leave there will be some noticeable holes in the ministry and life of Community Presbyterian Church ... shepherding coordinator, Sunday School teachers, pianist, small group leader, children's ministry coordinator, MDO music leader, preacher, etc.  If you just look at a list of jobs you realize it'll probably take 2-3 truckloads to fill in what's missing after they're gone.  But the reality is that the hole here at CPC will be exponentially larger than just missing some names designated for specific church roles and jobs.  CPC losing the Hills will be a 20 truckload plus size hole.  Without any question God will raise up new people to teach Sunday School, play the piano, lead children's ministry, etc. but, as you know, the Hills are so much more than any of that ... than all of that combined.  They are our friends and have carved out a place in our hearts that will be there until Christ returns!

During these next two months, please pray for the Hills and ask the Lord to make this transition as smooth as possible for them.  Their hearts will be hurting as much or more than ours.  We know that's true because we know they truly do love us!  Yet it's also an exciting time for them as well.  God is good and Christ is sufficient ... let's rest in that.