This past week the Boykins were excited to welcome a new son, grandson, nephew, and cousin ... Quin William Boykin was born in Sydney, Australia on Nov 14, weighing 9.72 pounds ... certain Australian Rugby clubs are already recruiting him!  Addison, Tam, and Quin seem to be doing great and Anita and I can't wait to go visit them this coming February.

In God's providence this is a big week for Boykins and babies.  In addition to Quin's birth, we're heading up to Chattanooga on Saturday to celebrate our granddaughter Ella's first birthday. 

So two little grandkids, born a year apart, cousins, facing a world that is in constant change and turmoil.  What will it be like for them 50 years from now?  20 years ... 10 ... even 2?  Things are changing so fast.  The world I grew up in with my cousins is nearly unrecognizable now - having to get up off the sofa to change the channel to one of the other 3 stations we received; the wonder of why my older sisters and mom would drink something called "Tab"; professional football players needed 2nd jobs to supplement their income; phones actually required a physical cord; if a car was close to 100,000 miles it was considered junk; information for most research was only found at the library and was printed in books; we literally had to go to the store to buy stuff and had to be there before they closed at 5:00 on Mon-Fri because they were closed on weekends; we needed big fold out maps to find our way in new places; on long trips we took naps on that big shelf behind the rear seats under the rear window; all that stuff is only a faint memory!

But other things have also changed and it seems like most everything is still undergoing change - the definition of marriage and family; sexual morality; sanctity of life issues; the definition and role of truth in society; the prominence of image over content; a mentality of entitlement over productivity; the increasing role of government in our private lives; virtual reality becoming commonplace; an ever-growing global perspective on everything.

Who really knows what the future holds for my grand-babies, those cousins who will face a world full of challenges!  But here's what I know for sure ... their biggest battle will NOT be with something or someone else, or with some oppressive regime that may arise, or with declining cultural moral standards, or with the pagans they deal with on a daily basis.  Their biggest battle will be exactly the same as mine ... their own sinful hearts!  They will wrestle with pride, anger, greed, lust, self-righteousness, impatience, arrogance, and unbelief.  No matter what is going on externally in the world around them, their internal heart struggle will be intense and difficult and ugly and wearisome.  There will be days when they'll want to give in and give up.  But I pray that they remember that which never changes ... our covenant-keeping God and Father, the eternal promises of salvation in Jesus Christ, the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. 

Sure, the world, especially as we look into the future, can be a scary place.  To be honest every generation has faced incredible trouble, fear, uncertainty, and turmoil.  But our God offers us an eternal and unfailing security that we can put our hope in, both for ourselves and for future generations.  Ella and Quin will have some rough patches ahead.  But their God is abundantly sufficient and powerful to care for them for eternity!  I pray for them.  Would you please pray for those kids, grandkids, and church kids that God has put in your realm of influence?