A Post-Election Commentary

I'm betting most of you are a lot like me ... sort of stunned this morning after our nation elected Donald Trump to be our next President.  All the polls and predictions never gave him a shot but nevertheless, whether you were for him or against him, he is now to be referred to as President-elect Donald Trump. 

I've listened to and read several attempts to explain how he succeeded and pulled off the upset victory.  I'll not attempt to list everything that has been mentioned but many, if not most, of the explanations seem to revolve around the idea that people just wanted a change ... that folks are fed up with the current situation and believe a change is what America needs to make everything better.   And while I'm not a fan of Donald Trump I do understand the people's desire to bring about change.  If you remember, even the mantra of Barack Obama years ago was, "Change We Can Believe In." 

I guess that's part of our being created in God's image ... we long for things to be right and just and good.  And when they aren't we seek a solution to that problem.  Unfortunately, we typically think the problem centers on someone / everyone else and the best solution is for them to change.  (Not only are we image-bearers of God, but we also have a fallen nature that perverts even the good desires)  This idea seems to have been demonstrated in this election but it also is seen in many of our everyday relationships - "I can't do my job effectively if my co-workers don't start doing better" - "if my marriage is to get better my spouse needs to change" - "the real problem is with my parents" - "the reason our team is struggling is because of that guy" - "the church would be much healthier if that elder / deacon / pastor just did his job" - "this family wouldn't be in such turmoil if my daughter / son wasn't so unruly."  For most difficulties in life, we tend to identify someone else as the major contributor to the problem and grossly underestimate our own contribution. 

Do many things need to be changed?  Absolutely yes ... again, we live in a fallen world and everything is messed up.  My wife, kids, friends, government, etc. all need to change.  But I also know who needs to own up to his need for radical, fundamental, heart-level change ... that would be me!  There is such freedom in all these relationships when we actually first look at our own sin and repent before we start pointing the finger and blaming others.

It could be a long and difficult next 4 years if America is content to remain divided and blame "them" for whatever problems occur.  And in a similar way, it could be a very difficult life ahead for all of us if we remain content to blame others rather than first take responsibility for our own sin.  Would you please pray for me the following passage from Psalm 139:23-24:

"Search me, O God, and know my heart!  Try me and know my thoughts!  And see if there be any grievous way in me and lead me in the way everlasting!"