There is an enormous explosion taking place in this area ... it started several days ago, is happening today, and will continue for a while longer.  The explosion isn't one of sound, rather it's one of pollen, of color, of leaves, of new growth in plant life. 

You can't help but notice this explosion.  Look around and see the blooming flowers display all sorts of vivid colors ... take a look at your car and try to remember it's original color under the new coating of yellow pollen ... take note of how many times you reach for tissue or medicine to address your sinus issues.  Again, this explosion is having its impact on everything, everywhere, and everyone. 

There was an explosion of another sort some 2000 years ago when Jesus lived, died, and rose again.  This explosion also can't be ignored; in fact, it's the most significant explosion in all of history. All mankind has been, is, and will be impacted by it.  People, history, and creation itself can't avoid the effects of this Gospel explosion.  Everything is impacted by it.

We'll soon be in the midst of Holy Week.  Beginning with Palm Sunday this weekend, Good Friday next week, and then Easter Sunday.  This is a time where the "pollen" of the Gospel is most visible, when people are most receptive to the message of the Gospel, when the vivid beauty of the Gospel is on full display. 

Exposure to this explosion - the Gospel - will change you, it'll change your marriage and family, it'll change your unbelieving friend, etc.  Its life-changing impact simply can't be avoided.  It changes the way you live, the way you speak, the way you relate to other people, the way you use your money and resources, the way you do your work, the way you view yourself, the way you think, the way you respond to tragedy, the way you use your time ... literally, everything! 

So over the next couple of weeks be sure and expose yourself and others to the Good News of our Resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ.  Let the explosion continue!