Evangelism Journey

Almost 3 years ago while attending the PCA General Assembly, Quinn and I were eating lunch at a small restaurant in downtown Greenville, SC with Ted Powers, our denomination's church planting coordinator.  That day Ted strongly suggested I look into an evangelism ministry called "Evangelize Today."  He said it's the most effective evangelism approach he's seen and has become his primary recommendation to Christians seeking to genuinely grow in that area.  I smiled, nodded, took the brochure, and filed it away with tons of other information I was gathering at General Assembly.  But the idea of really investing and growing in the area of evangelism kept gnawing away at me. 

At last year's PCA General Assembly in Chattanooga I noticed that Evangelize Today had a display and its founder and leader, Alan Dayhoff, was there.  Curiosity (and fundamentally the Spirit) led me to go over and speak with Alan.  That conversation further peaked my interest and I agreed to go through a short video course from Evangelize Today ... a small handful of CPC members went through that with me several months ago.  Well, that video course was only a tease of sorts; it didn't really get into much of anything other than further increasing my interest in what it really meant to pursue real evangelism. 

So after several more months of the Holy Spirit hounding and urging me to pursue this I have just this month started a part-time residency program with Evangelize Today.  This will be a 9-12 month commitment and will require 3-5 hours a week of extra work to make around 50 evangelism contacts and case studies and complete 7 projects.  Evangelize Today is built around some very simple ideas - every person is created in the image of God, Christians must learn to listen in order to "hear" rather than merely to "respond" - we must go to where non-Christians are.  Here is the actual mission statement:  Evangelize Today teaches believers to share their faith in the Lord Jesus by listening to spiritual conversations and respond to divine appointments in everyday life.

I'm hoping my experiences, thoughts, and things learned will be of some benefit to the Community Church family.  I'll soon be looking for a team of supporters and would love for any of you to partner with me.  So if you would like to hear more about what I'll be doing and perhaps enjoy hearing updates from me during this evangelism journey please shoot me an email at bhboykin@gmail.com.  If you don't, then I may be contacting you!!

And if you do feel inclined to pray about this, please pray for me as I pursue these five goals over the next few months:

  1. to become more repentant regarding my apathetic attitude toward the unbeliever
  2. better understand the mind of the unbeliever
  3. grow in passion and practice in pastoral ministry
  4. lead my church family through exhortation and example toward more intentional mission
  5. move from "safe" ministry to "risky" ministry

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support. 

For more info on the ministry of Evangelize Today visit their website: www.evangelizetoday.info