Grounded and Connected

Seth has been after us to fix up his old golf cart that he's used in previous years to drive around our yard.  A while back we got it running and it seemed fine ... for a short while until it just stopped one day while the boys were on it.  They noted the smell of something burning as it stopped and when they opened the battery compartment they noticed the source ... one of the battery terminals had essentially melted because of a short somewhere. 

It's taken a while but Mitch Carre (master of many things) came over yesterday, looked at it, and figured out that some of the connections were bad, thus causing the batteries not to be properly grounded.  Those of you with a knowledge of electrical things can probably figure out exactly what went wrong, but guys like me just know the fact - connections were bad, it wasn't properly grounded, it got too hot and melted a battery terminal, and now it doesn't work.

Two key words stood out to me as Mitch was describing the problem ... grounded and connection.  Both of these are also key words in our spiritual lives. 

We must be grounded in our identity in Christ.  We must know that fundamentally we, as God's children, are now justified in the sight of God, forgiven, clothed in the righteousness of Christ, redeemed, cleansed, saved, empowered by His Spirit, and adopted into His family.  Too often we fail to truly believe this about ourselves and live as orphans instead of God's children.  This is why we must proclaim the Gospel to our hearts and one another every single day.

We must be connected to the body of Christ.  We must realize how utterly essential it is for our spiritual well being to have healthy relationships within the church.  All of us can make a list of folks who have drifted away from the fellowship of the church and have then found themselves in spiritual despair. 

With some new connections and insuring the golf cart's electrical system will be properly grounded Seth will soon once again enjoy driving around in our yard and neighborhood.  With proper grounding in the Gospel and healthy connections and relationships in the church we will all better enjoy living the life to which God has called us.  Ask yourself the following:

  • are you grounded in the Gospel? what are you doing to insure that you remain grounded? are you regularly reading, studying, and hearing the Word of God?
  • are you properly connected to the body of Christ?  do you have healthy relationships in the church? is your attendance too sporadic to develop such relationships? are you avoiding relationships for some reason?