Is it just me or is just utterly depressing to watch or read the news these days?  Mass shootings (133 so far this year), contaminated drinking water, corruption in government, automobile recalls, court cases, plane crashes, racial incidents, automobile accidents, business failures, untimely deaths, etc. seem to dominate the news.  Even updates on the Presidential candidates are depressing.  I realize news reporting is a business and what's reported is whatever will generate an audience, and in our day it needs to be shocking and attention-grabbing.  But all these things really are happening around us and it's discouraging to be saturated with it all the time.

I recently spoke with a friend who works at a TV station doing film and editing work.  I was curious to ask him about it since two of my sons have a strong interest in the same field (film and editing).  The very first words out of his mouth were, "Tell them to stay away from local news ... it'll wear you down."  He went on to say how depressing it is to be immersed in bad news each and every day.  At least we can limit or turn off the news if we get too down ... it's his job to film it, examine it, and display it every day. 

Many news reports now seek to include some good news along with all the bad, yet it's always a "special" or "featured" segment, never the lead story.  All the important (bad, tragic, etc) news is given first and they'll try to end on a somewhat positive note.  But in our numbed state after hearing all the bad news the best we can do is crack a half-smile and sort of nod our head a bit. 

When will the day come when good news is the lead story?  Actually that day is today!  We do realize, I trust, that we have "GOOD NEWS" to proclaim to ourselves and to one another every day ... it's the news that Jesus lived the perfect life we are supposed to live but haven't, that Jesus died the death we should have died because of our sin, and that Jesus was raised from the dead thus proving that the Father accepted His payment for our sin and so securing for us eternal life.  That's the good news that we must hear every single day and repeatedly throughout the day.  This is the good news that the rest of the world needs so desperately to hear. 

Sure, we live in a broken world and much of the news is going to be bad.  This is to be expected in a world contaminated by sin.  But there is a God who is sovereign over all of this world, who rules and reigns supremely, and who has redeemed His people through the person and work of Jesus Christ.  This Gospel is first and foremost GOOD NEWS.  Let's make it a priority to report it!