I trust you are excited about our newest staff member, Matt Bryson.  We've been waiting on the Lord for quite a while for Him to lead us to who we believe is the right guy ... we believe Matt is that guy!  

Matt will oversee our youth and music ministries and gradually stamp his personality on these and other aspects of our church.  That means change ... and change is hard.  Things may not be done the way we've become accustomed to: we may sing that song a bit differently, we may not sing that song at all, we may go on a different youth retreat, we may introduce some new ideas in worship, we may restructure how we do youth Sunday School and Wednesday night D groups, etc.  

Change is hard ... but our hope isn't in trying to keep everything the same as it's always been (and remember, depending on one's age "always" is a very relative phrase).  Rather our hope is in the One who never changes, our eternal God Who had revealed Himself through our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the only thing we can truly cling to as our security and hope.

So please be patient as things around CPC begin to change a bit and be assured that our unchanging God is right in the midst of it all.  Let's keep our eyes focused on His goodness and grace.  And welcome Matt into our family and watch how the Lord will bless both him and us in this relationship.