End of an Era

Though we never thought this day would come, the Boykins are NOT sending anyone to kindergarten, elementary, Jr High, or High School on this first day of school.  Since 1990 we have hustled to get school supplies, meet new teachers, and set alarms to get kids up on time to get to school on the first day of classes ... but not today!!  We're actually enjoying a vacation over in St. Simons, GA visiting Anita's sister.  

Don't get me wrong.  There's a part of me that really misses it.  I guess every parent wants their kids to stay kids as long as they can.  Looking at social media this morning at the many pictures of kids heading out brought back many great memories.  But they do grow up and that's also a very good thing.  Especially now that we've entered the wonderful world of grand-parenting we realize we're not interested in turning back time.

Things change ... and change is often hard.  We're creatures of habit and like the status quo.  Change threatens our idols of comfort, security, and control. And often this change never happens at the pace we want it to - change occurs either too quickly or too slowly.  That just adds to the frustration of change!  Though we'd all agree that change can be good, change often brings about pain, disappointment, and fear.  We tend to rehearse all the "what if" scenarios and assume that the worst will be our fate.  

What allows us to graciously deal with change?  I guess it begins with a conviction about the character and grace of God ... that He is a sovereign God in control, that He is good and everything He does is good, that He ordains and orchestrates His creation in accordance with His good plan, that He has promised to sanctify us and make us to be more like Jesus, that everything He does is totally saturated with grace for His glory and our ultimate benefit.  And the biggest change is coming soon - Christ's return.  No, I'm not making any predictions about end-times or any such thing.  Rather I'm just noting that in the scope of eternity His 2nd coming will be soon.  And when He does return, everything will be changed and put back the way it should be.  It's with this final and ultimate change in view that we can be confident of God's assuredly marching us toward that day and that the changes we deal with now are part of His much bigger and more glorious plan.    

So for you parents and students experiencing these first days of school ... enjoy them while they last ... they'll be over in a flash.  Parents, love your children well today because they'll be checking out soon.  Children, don't forsake the wisdom and love of your parents because you'll soon wish you had it at your daily disposal.  And let's all be confident that God is working His wondrous and beautiful grace in the midst of it all.