Chewing Habakkuk

After bouncing around a few ideas for our next sermon series I've settled on Habakkuk.  I'd encourage you to read through it a few times and get a feel for what this prophet is saying.  We don't really know a lot about Habakkuk apart from this book that bears his name.  Though not certain, many commentators believe the name "Habakkuk" means "to embrace," thus suggesting a closeness to the Lord ... a life of faith that he refers to in the book.

Habakkuk asks some very good questions that are extremely relevant to our own day and time.  Though probably not vocally or in public for fear of being labeled "weak" or something, everyone of us have asked God "why ...?"  Why is this happening?  Why didn't You prevent it? Why would You allow this? ... etc.  This prophet had to wrestle with his faith, with God's sovereignty, with God's goodness, with waiting on Him, with prayer, with encountering God in all His power and might, and with trusting God's promises more than his own physical senses and interpretations.  The more I get to know him the more I understand that Habakkuk was just like me!

Habakkuk came to some pretty profound conclusions in the midst of his struggles ... and we will benefit greatly from studying this book.  This minor Old Testament prophet greatly influenced the Apostle Paul's writings and ultimately even such Reformers as Luther and Calvin.  So let's dig into and chew through Habakkuk together and explore the depths of grace packed into these three chapters. 

This is also a very relevant study for our friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, etc. who have similar questions about how, why, when God does what He does.  Take advantage of this opportunity and invite some folks to join you in worship these next several weeks!