Sneaky Devils

The Boykins have two cats at our house ... outdoor cats, rarely get to come inside unless it's just unbearably cold outside or we decide to give them special privilege for a short while.  Tobias and Sagwa are brother and sister from the same litter, given to us from one of Anita's co-workers at the hospital.  Their primary job ... to catch rodents ... which sister Sagwa does rather well while brother Tobias mostly just lays around begging for food and attention. 

A while back I noticed that they seemed to be eating a great deal more than usual; we would run out of cat food much sooner than expected.  Then one day I saw an open bag of cat food in the garage and figured that one of the boys had not sealed it up properly.  I quickly remedied that problem and figured we were in the clear ... but no such luck, food was still disappearing at a rapid rate.  For several years now we have kept the food in a plastic container with a lid, so the next morning when I observed that the lid wasn't fully closed I again assumed one of the boys had been careless and not properly closed it.  They were the problem and needed a good rebuke.  After being assured they hadn't messed with the container at all, I thought maybe that other cat we sometimes see roam around is coming in and eating some of the food.  Actually, I concluded it must that other strange cat because the bowls were often knocked off the table and on the floor of the garage. 

Then early one morning as Anita was leaving for work she discovered the real problem ... two cute but demon possessed Raccoons were gorging themselves on our cat food!  We tried to seal up the bag even better and made sure the container was completely closed and secure.  But within another night or two they figured out how to open the container and continue their nightly feasting.  Amazingly they were able to slide it along the shelf just far enough to grab the lid, push up on it hard enough to break it, and thus be able to reach in for all the food their ever-expanding tummies could hold.  We now keep the cat food inside!

As Christians we have a similar enemy who loves to work in the darkness.  He doesn't want to reveal his true identity and is successful as long as we blame one another.  And even when we do acknowledge his evil activity, he's still shrewd enough to figure out a way to keep up his attack. 

Let's not be naive about being under attack ... let's stop blaming one another ... let's consider the true enemy and join together in our battle against him.  The light will expose his wicked deeds and our true hope is grounded in the ultimate victory that Jesus Christ won for us through His life, death, and resurrection.  May God graciously allow us to rest in this glorious Gospel truth today.

Where are you being attacked today?  How is the enemy eating away at you?  Has he deceived you into accusing another brother or sister in Christ as being the real problem?  What steps will you take to shine the light of the Gospel on the situation in order to expose our enemy and his evil work?