Scary Church Words

Christianity and the church employ some very scary terms and words - judgment, wrath, Hell, Satan, evil, wickedness, etc. But not just words like these that sound harsh ... some of the scariest words are those we believe are really good and positive - obedience, accountability, repentance, discipleship, holiness, etc. Great words, but scary when we think about the implications these words have on our lives. Hopefully, our study of Leviticus is helping all of us to see just how HOLY God is and what that means for us.

But here I want to address what may be the most frightening of all words in the Christian vocabulary = Evangelism. The average Christian would rather have a sharp stick in the eye than to have to do evangelism. Even the thought of it makes us nervous, anxious, frightened, sweaty, and even terrified. We're intimidated by the idea of evangelism. We get panicky when the prospect of it is presented to us. The thought of visiting the Atrox Factory on a nightly basis seems to be more comforting. Why? Have you ever really stopped to consider why evangelism is such a scary word to us as Christians?

To be honest, we do evangelism every day. PCA pastor Kevin DeYoung is absolutely right with his thought, "I'm convinced that we're all evangelists for the things and the people we love most."  How many of us have "evangelized" someone within the past week about Alabama or Auburn football? (no FSU jokes allowed here)  How many of us have "evangelized" others about a particular restaurant or food item you recently enjoyed? Have you "evangelized" anyone lately about your doctor? ... your favorite musician? ... your hair stylist? ... your child's best teacher or coach? ... your preferred brand of automobile, cola, weed killer, bank, etc?  The fact is we do "evangelism" every single day as we tell others the "good news" of whatever it is we love, appreciate, and enjoy. Maybe DeYoung is helping us to see our problem is a heart problem, a problem with what we truly love and enjoy. Seems like our first step here is repentance!

Many of you know that the Lord has taken me into some Gospel evangelistic work this past year. I've worked with a ministry called Evangelize Today and it's led me into some locations, situations, and relationships that I would have never, ever predicted. The Session has graciously allowed me to continue with this ministry for another year and I'm certain it will again require me to press into some situations with unbelievers that I can't even begin to fathom right now. My mentor, Allan Dayhoff, calls it doing ministry "in the wild" and he's exactly right.

A large part of this second year of ministry with Evangelize Today will be the development of an evangelism ministry uniquely and specifically designed for Community Presbyterian Church. I'm currently looking for some who would be willing to join me in this journey "into the wild" as we seek to proclaim the good news to the many, many lost people in our communities. Will this make you anxious and sweaty? ... will it be intimidating? ... is it scary? ... will it lead you into places and relationships you've never dreamed possible?  The answer to all these questions is a big fat YES. But I'm offering a money back guarantee that you'll absolutely enjoy it and will wonder why we've never pushed into this type ministry before.  If you're at all interested in joining in this journey, even just to find out more info, please contact me and let me know.