We're a Needy Bunch

It's no secret among those who know me that I really, really don't like cold weather.  I know I'm a wimp and need to man up and just wear warm clothes, but deep down I just don't like it.  I just can never seem to get warm, I stay all tensed up and feel sore at night, and I itch ... and the primary itch is always in the place I can't reach on my back! I've been told to moisturize ... which is a great idea except that spot on my back I can't scratch is the same spot I can't reach to moisturize. I obviously need help with this.

Speaking of help, through some of my evangelistic work I've built a relationship with a guy who has recently fallen again into drug abuse. I've been able to offer some help the past few days ... picked him up from a seedy hotel room, helped him empty a garbage can full of vomit, helped him research rehab options, helped him communicate with his family, helped him with food and housing, and helped him get into a homeless shelter. And while this friend's needs are vast and very visible, we all have some deep needs that require help from others, even if they aren't so visible. God didn't make us to live life alone ... we are designed to live in community, to be dependent on one another, and to use our gifts and resources for the benefit of others. We're truly a needy group of people.

Just this morning I dropped off my friend at a homeless shelter. Even after all the things I've done to "help" this fellow, I'm honestly not sure I've really and truly "helped" him at all. I walked out of the facility nearly in tears, reminded of the fact that I'm literally helpless and can't fix my friend. Ultimately, the greatest help I can give anyone is to point them to the One who can (and does) give us exactly what we need ... grace, forgiveness, salvation, cleansing, life.

Bottom line = we need each other. Let's not neglect meeting together, encouraging one another, serving one another, and pointing one another to Jesus Christ who meets all our needs.