9148 Miles

As the crow flies, it's 9148 miles from Birmingham, AL to Sydney, Australia ... Anita and I are about to be that far away from home!  Of course, we're not flying with a crow, rather we'll be going from B'ham to Atlanta to Los Angeles to Sydney (which adds a few miles).  We leave at 4:00 pm on a Thursday and arrive at 9:15 am on Saturday.  Of course, coming back is different ... we'll leave at 12:20 pm on a Sunday and arrive at 5:41 pm that same Sunday (must be a strong tailwind!). 

The weather should be perfect ... at least for me.  Highs can range from the mid-70's to upper 90's; lows in the mid to upper 60's; humidity typically in the 50-60% range.

Several have asked us what we're going to be doing while there.  While our first and primary mission there is to simply hold and adore our grandson, Quin, we do know a few other things we'll be enjoying.  One night we're scheduled to stay at a nearby Vineyard/Winery resort.  A couple of other nights we'll be in a cottage at a local beach.  And the last day of our stay we'll be taking a sailboat tour of the Sydney Harbour ... the largest natural harbour in the world.  Apparently seeing the city from this perspective is spectacular ... I'll have pictures!

And, of course, we'll very much enjoy spending time with Addison and Tam.  Sometimes it seems rather surreal that we have a son and daughter-in-law and grandson living so far away.  We're grateful for technology that allows us to visually keep in touch but we'll be so glad to hug them in person!

Are we nervous about such a trip?  Sure, a little bit ... I suspect most folks would be.  Safety is always a concern - staying healthy weighs on the mind - some guilt about being away from work that long - what about the boys at home? - will they sufficiently take care of Seth? - and how about all the others? - what if they needed us? - might something happen (good or bad) that we'd miss out on? - concern over spending so much money (though many loving CPC members have helped us offset this cost and we're so thankful for this indication of God's grace) - and a host of other such matters do cause a degree of anxiety.  But in spite of all that's weighing on our hearts and minds, we're excited about the trip and trust that God, our loving Heavenly Father, will care for us and our family back here in America. 

Please pray for us as we go - pray for our safety; for the family we leave behind; for us to be an encouragement to our family down there; for me not to see any of those deadly snakes that live in Australia; for us not to fall into the harbour and get attacked by Jaws; for Aunt Cindy who'll be staying in our home with Seth, Tanner, and Griff while we're away; for Anita and me to find refreshment in Christ while we're away.  And please know that we'll be praying for you!