Cold Snap

We all like to think we're rather transparent ... that we're open and honest with our feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, hurts, preferences, etc.  The truth is we're not ... you're not and I'm most certainly not.  We all have things about us that nobody else knows.

However, probably the one thing that everyone knows about me is that I hate cold weather!  I hold nothing back, I don't pretend, I'm not wearing a mask when I announce my disdain for the cold.  So what happened to that nice, warm weather we were enjoying?  Why all of a sudden are we being challenged and encumbered with this cold snap?  Trees are showing signs of new life, certain flowers are already blooming, grass is growing, we were all in short sleeves, and all of a sudden we wake up to 20 something degree weather!  Who among us sinned to bring such a calamity? (btw, not being serious here!)

As much as I hate the cold weather I even moreso hate the coldness of my heart.  I can find a warm place to get away from the weather but I can't escape my heart.  Each week as I'm trying to intentionally engage in some evangelism I'm amazed at how cold my heart is toward unbelievers.  I get daily reminders of how cold my heart is toward my own family.  I see each and every day how cold my heart is toward my friends.  Most of you who know me likely have experienced the coldness of my heart.  I see over and over again evidence that supports Jeremiah 17:9 - "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?"  Certainly I don't want a cold heart ... I hate it ... and I've really tried to overcome it but have had very limited success.  I suspect all of us who wrestle with cold hearts have tried and failed with various remedies.  So what's our hope?  It's the Gospel ... knowing that God should cast us into the utter coldness of the eternal absence of His presence, He rather has embraced, redeemed, and adopted us as His own children through the finished work of His Son, Jesus Christ.  He now, as our Father, holds us tight as we snugly sit in His lap.  Our hearts are warmed as we hear and believe the Gospel ... and we must do this every day.  Join me in crying out to God:

Lord, dissolve my frozen heart,

By the beams of love divine;

This alone can warmth impart,

To dissolve a heart like mine.

O that love, how vast it is!

Vast it seems, though known in part;

Strange indeed, if love like this,

Should not melt the frozen heart.

The love of Christ passes knowledge.

The love of Christ eases fear.

The love of Christ hits a man's heart,

It pierces him like a spear.

Savior, let thy love be felt,

Let its power be felt by me,

Then my frozen heart shall melt,

Melt in love, O Lord to thee.

Red Mountain Music