He is Risen!

Like most of us, I grew up enjoying various Easter traditions and celebrations. Though a lot has changed since those days of my youth, a lot has remained essentially the same.

Mom and I would go buy a couple of dozen eggs, boil, and then dye them. Sometimes this process was more successful than others but it was always so much fun!  Our little church back in Chattahoochee always had an Easter egg hunt in the days leading up to Easter Sunday.  Of course, we hunted real eggs that had been hidden around the church property.  After the egg hunt we would gather outside around tables and have a feast ... of boiled eggs, salt, pepper, and whatever drink was provided.  And yes, inevitably a few eggs weren't discovered and the stench of those rotten eggs wafted through the property for days. 

Mom and dad always wanted me to have something new to wear on Easter Sunday.  I remember not being particularly fond of having to go through the ordeal of putting on something that I thought was ugly, uncomfortable and stiff, and then having to smile for the obligatory picture that followed.  But it sure seemed to make mom and dad happy for some reason so I endured it.

Though the candy may come in different packaging and under different names, Easter has long been a time to celebrate and enjoy sugar! I believe Peeps were around back then but I was never a huge fan; I did and still prefer Jelly Beans as the official Easter candy. But don't get me wrong, chocolate always enhances one's experience and enjoyment of this season.

Of course food and family was important.  We always ate a really big meal, often with family visiting us or perhaps we were visiting them.  I don't recall any one specific traditional food we had every year, but do know we had plenty of whatever it was. 

And, believe it or not, Easter had very significant spiritual meaning for our family. I was baptized as a covenant child on Easter Sunday. And though our church never had a sunrise service (or can I remember any other church in Chattahoochee having one back then) we did always attend worship (wearing the uncomfortable new clothes and on a sugar high from the morning candy). This was always special because our church attendance skyrocketed from the average 25 or so up into the 40s.  Revival!

Personally, Easter always has incredible significance as it reminds me of eternal life and the victory over death that Christ accomplished for His people.  Though the actual date of my mom's death was April 22, it was on an Easter Sunday and that day, much more than April 22, is when I remember the truth that my mom and all who know Christ are with Him for eternity. Truly, the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us a hope that is unfading, eternal, unlimited, glorious, and certain. Do you have such hope? Do you know this Jesus who lived, died, and rose from the grave to give you eternal life? If you don't know Him, trust in Him today. If you do know Him, renew your hope in the grace of the Gospel.

So whatever your Easter traditions have been, are, or even will be make sure that at the center of it all is the eternal life that was secured by Christ and the resulting hope that belongs to those who know Him.

He is risen indeed!