General Assembly 2017

After a loooong day of driving yesterday (distance, traffic, weather) I finally arrived here at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC to join up with Joe and Adria who were already here for the 45th PCA General Assembly.  In some ways it's already been a rather historic meeting for our church. Last night we elected our first ethinic minority as Moderator of the Assembly - Dr. Alexander Jun, a Korean-American, a ruling elder at New Life Mission Church in Fullerton, CA. This is an exciting opportunity for our denomination and for our future. Hopefully, the watching world will see that the PCA is committed to racial reconciliation and hopes to reflect the diversity that is already seen in the universal church.

We also heard a report from the ad-interim committee that was tasked with bringing a report on women serving in ministry in the church. It was a great report (the Assembly will discuss it tomorrow afternoon) and the committee made it abundantly clear that nobody is suggesting that women be ordained to authoritative leadership in the church. Their focus was on what women can do within Biblical boundaries. Again, we won't know how the Assembly will respond until tomorrow but I already think CPC can and will benefit from this paper. As we already know, CPC is blessed with some amazing women who already contribute a great deal to the life and ministry of the church and it will be good for us to explore even more deeply what that might look like in the future.

I've also been able to meet with my Evangelism trainer, Allan Dayhoff, as well as some other brothers who are in the evangelism residency program with me. Very encouraging, yet challenging conversations about how the Lord is using various men in places around the country to engage in the lives of unbelievers. We're hoping to have an Evangelize Today conference here in the B'ham area around the last week of September. Some of you may want to try and attend! (don't worry ... hanging out in local bars is not a requirement for effective evangelism).

That's it for now ... back to the world of meetings, agendas, motions, parliamentary procedure, committee reports, etc. Do pray for the many folks who are here doing the work of the church. Pray for healthy and peaceful discussions filled with grace; for pastors and elders and families to be spiritually encouraged this week; for the work of the PCA to aggressively move forward; for safety in everyone's travels.