Was There a Solar Eclipse?

It's the same with most any really big event ... the build up and anticipation of it outweighs the actual event itself which passes so, so quickly.  Keep in mind, I'm writing from the perspective of someone who didn't travel north to be in the path of totality. Rather I chose, as did most of us, to stay here and witness this heavenly phenomena in it's 93% version.  We made our viewing boxes, went outside, saw the crescent shaped shadows everywhere, watched the sun get mostly covered and uncovered by the moon, and then returned to the normal work of the day.

While it was a fascinating and eerie experience I sort of have to agree with a number of others I talked to about being a bit disappointed.  Perhaps the build up was so big that my expectations were too high. But I wanted it to get a lot darker than it did.  I know, it wasn't a total eclipse here in Moody and those who did travel and saw the full eclipse may have an entirely different story to tell, but still, I was hoping for something greater!

But in the midst of this experience the Lord really impressed three things on me. The first is that disappointment is okay; it's just a reminder that there really is something greater and my heart longs for it. We all long for something more ... something greater ... something more satisfying. However, this side of heaven we're going to be disappointed more often than not. Relationships, job, church, family, etc. is never going to measure up to what we want it to.  Yet God tell us to embrace that feeling and let it point you to eternal things in Christ that never disappoint.

Secondly, I was reminded that light always overpowers darkness. You'd think that when 93% of the sun is covered it would get really dark. Yet even that very small percentage of the sun that was showing was more than sufficient to drive away the darkness.  As we carry forth the light of the Gospel into this dark world, God's purposes will be accomplished. Sure, it may not look exactly like we think it should, but the light overcomes the dark. There is always hope when the Gospel is proclaimed and believed. So whatever dark situation some of us (or family members) may be facing, let's rest in the knowledge that the light of the Gospel is going to do its work.

And thirdly, how big, holy, awesome, and powerful God must be! Here's a quote I came across from Luke Walker: "The sun will burn your eyes out from a distance of 92 million miles and do you expect to casually stroll into the presence of its Maker?"  We really do tend to minimize His holiness and this is seen by how we seek to relate to Him. Do we quickly, fully, and brutally repent of our sin? Do we aggressively run to the cross of Christ? Do we spend any time preparing for worship? Do we actively seek to spend time with Him on a daily basis? Or do we (like Walker suggests) "expect to casually stroll" into His presence if and when we think of it and in whatever manner we please? Even after just one week in Leviticus we've hopefully seen that God is holy, that He truly cares how we worship Him, and that serious preparation must be made on our part.

Anyway, the eclipse has come and gone. Apparently the USA gets another one on April 8, 2024. Go ahead and make plans to travel to Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Maine, or another state in the path of totality!