Sin and Wrecks

Yesterday morning, Tuesday July 8, I had to drive to our Evangel Presbytery meeting over at Altadena Presbyterian Church off Caldwell Mill Road near the Colonnade off I459.  That's really not a long or difficult drive ... except during a deluge of a rainstorm!  Maybe some of you reading this were caught in that same torrential rain. It was crazy for a while ... especially crazy for those involved in any of the 8 separate wrecks I saw on the way there.  Though I don't have any specific details on how any of these wrecks actually happened, you'd have to suspect that the heavy rain had something to do with it.

Because there was some obvious delays in travel time, because of both the accidents themselves and the heavy rain, I was able to notice there was a lot of variety to these wrecks. It appeared that some were obvious commuters on their way to work while others seemed to perhaps be on vacation; there were male drivers and female drivers; some involved multiple cars and others were single car accidents; some involved old rough looking cars while others involved $70K ones. The point here is that the rain didn't target any particular group upon which to pour itself on and create dangerous driving conditions, rather it indiscriminately wreaked havoc on everyone. There was something else I noticed ... each of these wrecks were being attended to by someone. The police, highway patrol, fire departments, and wreckers had a busy morning!

This is sort of like sin ... it doesn't particularly target any one group over the other, no one is exempt from the devastating consequences of it, and its consequences impact many others. We'd like to think that our cars are capable of handling such conditions, that our driving ability is superior to others, that because we made it through the last storm we really don't have to worry about this one. But the harsh reality is that sin and its consequences can hit us at any time, no matter how prepared we think we might be, and no matter how many rough times we've previously endured.

Of course, let's live (and drive) cautiously; let's keep constant guard over our hearts and minds which are being relentlessly assaulted by temptation; let's do all we can to prepare ourselves to battle against the daily struggles of life. But let's also remember that when we do fall to temptation and sin, there is Someone who is there to rescue us. He never fails to come. He's never late. He's always ready, willing, and able to offer grace, forgiveness, healing, and restoration. Sooner or later (probably sooner) we're going to find ourselves in a spiritual ditch or accident. When we do, let's remember that Jesus, on our behalf, endured the most devastating wreck in history and is now here to comfort, forgive, strengthen, and love us in our own wrecks. Sort of frees us up to love and help others during their wrecks too, doesn't it!!