Cat or Dog?

Every morning as I walk out the back door of my house, I'm greeted by my two cats - Tobias and Sagwa. This brother (Tobias) and sister (Sagwa) are really good cats but, as cats tend to be, very demanding! Tobias protests as if he hasn't been fed in weeks and won't relent until the food appears in the bowl. He then attacks it like a lion on a wildebeest. Sagwa doesn't seem quite as hungry for food ... perhaps because she's not as lazy and will occasionally catch her own snack ... mouse, bird, chipmunk, mole, etc.  However, Sagwa is simply starving for attention and affection. So in order to pacify her I have to either reach down and give her a good rub or pick her up and cradle her in my arms like a baby. Only then is she content to leave me alone. If ignored, they both have the uncanny ability to walk right in front of me at a half-step slower pace while incessantly meowing, reminding me of my failure as a cat care-taker. 

Though we've had several over the years, we don't have a dog right now at the Boykin home. While I truly do love both, you have to admit the personalities of dogs and cats are entirely different. Perhaps this old joke best summarizes the differences:

A dog says, "You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me ... you must be God." A cat says, "You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me ... I must be God."

Cats truly believe you exist to serve them while dogs believe they exist to serve you. This brings up an interesting question as we think about our relationship with God. Do we relate to God as a cat or dog? Consider the various differences in how we approach certain things:

  • cats pray fundamentally for their needs to be met - dogs pray for God's glory to be known
  • cats worship God for what's He's done - dogs worship God for who He is
  • cats want to feel good - dogs want to obey
  • cats submit when it fits their agenda - dogs submit because Jesus is Lord
  • cats want the privileges of being a Christian - dogs accept the responsibility
  • cats are attentive to their own comfort - dogs are attentive to their master
  • cats are concerned with self-esteem so can't recognize sin - dogs are concerned with holiness and repent of sin
  • cats want to be entertained in church - dogs hunger to know God
  • cats are content to be fed - dogs desire to serve their master and feed others
  • cats are swayed by comfortable trends - dogs are committed to absolute standards
  • cats view each day as an opportunity to be cared for - dogs view each day as an opportunity to care for others
  • cats want their children to bring them glory - dogs want their children to bring God glory

I'm pretty familiar with the previous list ... the reason is because I'm pretty much a cat! I want to be a dog, but I typically behave like a cat. I know God loves me, cares for me, provides for me, defends me, etc - so I tend to believe I'm god!

If you're a fellow cat-like-Christian and need to join me in repentance, now's the time. Let's ask Him to forgive us on the merit of Christ's sacrifice and work His grace in us and transform us into dogs for His glory!