Building the Church

Every day I get to drive past a new house under construction on Robbie Dr. here in Moody. It started with the clearing of some trees, then moving some dirt around, followed by digging and pouring the footings, then concrete block was laid, and now they are in the midst of framing the house. I've always been fascinated by the construction process: watching something pop up where there was nothing, observing how initial small details really matter, seeing all the various aspects of the building process come together, observing how various workers and craftsmen coordinate their efforts toward a common purpose. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about it is that all of it is the fulfillment of the architect's design.

I find an even greater joy and amazement at how the Lord builds His church. He's the architect and has a design for what He is building. Often His church pops up in places of utter darkness where it hasn't been before. He is concerned about and involved in every single detail of how His church is being built. He has gifted various workers to be involved in the building process. His Holy Spirit enables His workers to be coordinated in their efforts. He is building His church in His way and in His time and using us to do that amazing work.

I'm especially amazed at how He has constructed Community Presbyterian Church. From the very beginning He had a special and unique design prepared for us. Early on He took care of some seemingly minute and insignificant details that were necessary for the building of this church. Throughout the years He has used some incredible craftsmen to be involved in the construction process (here are just a few no longer at CPC - Craig Childs, Mike/Mary Johnson, Carol Downey, Mike Russell, Toni Hill, Jim/Lois Rich, Chuck Eady, Tom May, Steve Morgan, Quinn Hill; these and others in addition to the many skilled craftsmen who are presently involved at CPC.) And somehow, in God's amazing grace and power, all these workers have been coordinated in their efforts toward a common purpose ... to see God glorified and enjoyed!

But here's the thing that is sometimes frustrating ... it's His house and He gets to decide how everything is going to be.  At the Boykin home we just spent 3 months trying to decide what shade of white to paint our kitchen cabinets. But in God's house, the church, He gets to pick the design, the colors, where things are placed, who does what work, what it's going to look like, etc. But yet here's the comforting truth - just as I'm not knowledgeable enough or adequately equipped to design and build a physical facility, neither am I equipped to be in charge of building God's church. Sure, I'm one of the skilled workers, and so are you, so let's work together in submission to God, the architect and designer, to see His church grow and be strengthened in His grace.  And take some time to step back, look at the bigger picture, and be amazed at how God is at work.