The Return of Roseanne

Who was a fan of the 90’s TV show “Roseanne”?  I read recently that a new season of Roseanne will start up in March. Got to be honest here, I didn’t watch Roseanne back then and I don’t plan to watch it this time around either.  But obviously a lot of folks did watch it and the show must carry enough of a following to justify this revival of the old series. Maybe it was because, as one writer says, the show “was praised for its honest portrayal of a white, blue-collar American family.” Well alrighty then!

Over the years I’ve known a lot of white, blue-collar families but I’m not sure I’d say “Roseanne” would be the best representation of the average family. Perhaps one could rightly say the show was entertaining, showcased some popular comedic acting, was well produced, etc. … but to say it’s an accurate portrayal of anything during the 90’s is a stretch. But that’s the narrative we’ve been given and if enough people say it then it must be true.

Very likely this is why the new version of the show will feature a character who “defies gender norms” by dressing in clothes “not traditionally associated with the gender they were assigned at birth.” This young character on the show was created because “it represents the world.”

I’ll agree that “the world” does include such young folks who like to dress in gender-defying clothing, but “the world” also includes a lot of other groups of people. Will Roseanne positively feature a character from within the ever-growing group of pedophiles? Or how about the white, blue-collar, alt-right, neo-Nazi guy? Perhaps a character who’s a highly functioning alcoholic or prescription drug abuser? Or maybe a character who enjoys betting on dog fights? Will there be a faithful, church-attending, grace-filled, Jesus-loving Christian on the show? And apparently even in “the world” of Hollywood it’s common to find a sexual predator so will he be represented on the show? This list could go on and on. Surely back in the 1950’s someone wrote a similar cynical article wondering what might eventually be acceptable on network TV and today many of the things that seemed absolutely taboo back then are now common fare.  So does truth change? Does the concept of right and wrong evolve? Does each generation decide what constitutes morality? Or is there actually some objective body of truth out there that should dictate what we think, believe, and do?

I ask you to examine where your morals and ethics come from. Consider where you turn to inform your heart and mind about what is right and wrong, true and false, good and bad. If you’re more of a student of Hollywood than you are of the inspired, unchanging, and authoritative Word of God then I urge you to correct that today. I’d also urge any follower of Jesus who has an interest in film and media to pursue it. Media obviously has a huge impact on our culture and we, as Christians, have a responsibility to not just whine about it but actually get involved and make an impact for God’s glory.

(quotes are from Carol Kuruvilla in a HuffPost online article on 1/9/2018)