Shelter from the Cold ... and Worse

It's really no secret among those who even casually know me that I have a strong dislike for cold weather ... and it's really cold right now! I make fun of my friend, John Potts, who lives in Minnesota when he sends me news of the temps up there. But as I wake up this morning in this frigid 8 degree weather I guess I shouldn't laugh too much at him (though it's frequently below zero in Minneapolis).

The past couple of days I've found myself giving thanks to God for my warm home and warm place to work. I'm praying a bit more for those who aren't able to pay power bills, for those who live in poor conditions, for the homeless, for those who have to find shelter somewhere. I pray for my friend who I took to a shelter a couple of weeks ago yet haven't heard from since ... and neither have his other friends I know.  I simply can't imagine living out in this kind of weather but we know many do. Of course, various shelters are open and hopefully my friend and the many others are safe and warm. 

I guess the reason I'm praying more right now for the homeless to find shelter is because the need is so acute. Wonder why I don't see the need for the lost to find shelter in Christ just as acute? As a Christian, as a child of God, I know the joy and security of what it means to "take refuge under the shelter of your wings" (Psalm 61:4). But there are myriads of people we encounter each and every day who don't have this comfort, who aren't children of God, who desperately need to find shelter in Christ.

It is impossible to survive without finding refuge in Christ; it is the only safe place from the bitter consequences of sin and death. Would you join me in praying for those who need shelter? Let's continue to pray for the homeless who need shelter from the cold ... but let's also fervently pray for those unbelievers who need to find shelter in Christ.