Willing to be Investigated

Is anyone interested in being nominated for the next Supreme Court vacancy? At this point I’m not sure who would be willing to submit themselves to the grueling process of having every single thing in your life examined under a microscope and put on public display. We all know that with a little digging, whoever may oppose us will find some dirt and will be more than willing to share it with anyone who is willing to listen. While I don’t have any criminal record and have never been accused of any grossly immoral activity, there are plenty of things from my past that could be used against me … words, attitudes, actions, etc. And if folks could actually see the ugliness of my heart … oh my goodness! I suspect we’re all in this same boat. Why would anyone want to undergo the pain and humiliation of having all this exposed?

Please don’t think I’m writing this in defense of or in opposition to Judge Kavanaugh. I’m not remotely qualified to evaluate his credentials based on what the media has presented. Rather I’m writing to remind us all that an even more thorough investigation of our past and present lives is taking place by a Sovereign and omniscient God. As our Creator He is most certainly aware of every action, word, thought, motive, emotion, and expression that we’ve ever had, or will ever have. There is absolutely nothing we have, can, or ever will be able to hide from Him. In the light of His eternal and infinite holiness we stand completely exposed, bare, discovered, and vulnerable. And the minute we say we want to follow Jesus we’re essentially saying we’re willing to have our sinful lives exposed.

Because of this we must keep a few things in mind:

  • Let’s stop pretending we’re better than we are. We’re all sinners and need to confess our sin to one another. Don’t you long for the day when a candidate, nominee, etc. stands before the public and says, “You’re going to dig into my past and find a lot of dirt, but I own up to it and take full responsibility.”? in the same way we long for one another as Christians to simply stand and say, “As you get to know me you’re going to find out how sinful I really am.” Let’s make sure the church is a welcoming and safe place for sinners such as you and me.

  • As enormous as our sin is, the grace of the Lord Jesus is bigger. He already knows our sin, filth, dirt, etc. and has demonstrated His love for us in going to the cross in our place to receive the very wrath of God that we so justly deserved. As His children and with His Spirit, let’s be those who demonstrate love for others just as He has loved us.

  • Because of His saving grace to us vile sinners, shouldn’t our response be one of praise and obedience? God knows every bit of dirt about us and has nevertheless redeemed us. Our desires should be to worship Him, to proclaim Him, and to follow Him. Let’s be those who are known as passionate and obedient disciples of Jesus.

  • Because all this is a work of God’s grace in our lives, we need to be people of prayer. While the idea of being transparent, vulnerable, welcoming, encouraging, passionate, obedient followers of Jesus sounds appealing, it’s just not going to happen apart from God working His grace in our hearts. Let’s be men and women who demonstrate our utter dependence on Him in our commitment to pray with and for one another.