Need Help Getting Dressed

This past Sunday as I was getting ready for church, I reached into the drawer to pull out some socks … fairly normal routine for most guys as they’re getting dressed. My shirt had essentially a light / baby blue checked pattern and my pants were a khaki color. Opening the sock drawer I spotted a pair that I thought surely matched the blue of my shirt. So I grabbed them, put them on, slipped on my shoes, and headed out the door. Seth and I drove to the church as usual, but as I was getting out of my car in the church parking lot I noticed that the blue of my socks didn’t even remotely match the blue of my shirt. In fact, they clashed … the combination was actually hideous. But it was too late! I wasn’t about to call Anita and ask her to bring me some different socks. There are many Sunday mornings where she’ll look at something I’m wearing and suggest I change … didn’t want to admit my failure this time.

As I reflect upon this fashion faux pas, I realize where I made my mistake. I didn’t make my choice of socks in good light. All you fashionistas out there know you MUST make color decisions in good light … it can’t be artificial light, or dim, or altered in any way. All I needed to do was to walk over near the window and use the light God gave me via the sun and I could have easily seen my mistake. But instead, in ignorance, I was clothed inappropriately and was self-conscious about it all day.

As a follower of Jesus I know what I’m supposed to be clothed in … the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ. And while there are times when I will make an intentional choice to clothe myself in something inappropriate, often I just simply act in ignorance because I have not properly exposed my mind and heart to the light of God’s Word, the Bible. I often think I’m spiritually stylish, attractively covered, following the accepted rules of righteous clothing, but in reality I’ve put on something other than Christ’s righteousness. Perhaps its my own righteousness, pride, self-reliance, good works, religious service, successful record, accolades, popular opinion, etc. but it just doesn’t match my profession of faith in the sufficiency Christ.

My opinion is that we all need help getting spiritually dressed each day. This starts with the light of God’s Word. Are we reading it? Studying it? Being taught it? Memorizing it? Meditating on it? Listening to it? And then we also need the wisdom and discernment of others who can see our mistakes even when we can’t. Are we in the kind of relationships where we allow others to comment on our spiritual health? Where we ask them to evaluate whether or not our lifestyle matches our profession? I definitely need help getting dressed every day … how about you?