All Things New

A couple of days ago Anita and Seth were riding home from running some errands. Trying to make conversation, Anita asked Seth to name something he was thankful for. Apparently he thought about it just a second and then responded with, “God makes all things new.” She asked him to repeat it and he affirmed that he’s thankful that “God makes all things new.” Of course, I had to test Seth, wondering if he perhaps had just heard someone say that phrase or maybe listened to the song. Again, a few days later I asked him the same question - “What are you thankful for?” His response didn’t change - “God makes all things new.”

Honestly, as a dad that’s something you’d be excited to hear any child say he’s thankful for. But to hear your Down Syndrome son utter those words, to acknowledge and say he’s thankful that “God makes all things new” is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard.

To be honest, I have no idea how much of that statement Seth actually comprehends … I’m not even sure I fully understand all the implications of this profound truth. But we do have full confidence that Jesus is coming back, that everything will be made new, that God will dwell with His people and wipe away every tear, that death shall be no more, that crying and mourning and pain will have passed away, that God will completely reverse all the effects of sin and the fall, and that there will be no more chromosomal abnormalities like Down Syndrome. Who can really wrap their minds around all that? Not me … maybe Seth does more than I realize!

One of the projects that my ministry with Evangelize Today will delve into is how faith operates in the lives of mentally disabled folks. How do they come to faith in Christ? How might we best evangelize this population who, just like us “normal” people, bears the image of God?

Do they have a special antenna? If Seth is any indication, then I’m starting to think maybe they do. I’m looking forward to exploring this ministry and would ask for your help. Please pray for opportunities and let me know if you have any mentally challenged relatives or friends that might want to discuss matters of faith in Christ. And pray that I would catch up to Seth in my faith!