Someone Else

Have you recently wondered what happened to someone else? Funny thing is that someone else is probably the most popular and thought about person in the life of the church. You've probably noticed that someone else hasn't done what they committed to. Someone else was supposed to take care of that very important thing that didn't get done. Surely you've noticed how someone else hasn't been very faithful in their membership vows. Typically someone else steps up to take care of that situation but this time was obviously just lazy. And why hasn't someone else offered to teach that class that has a need? Someone else always greets the guests who worship with us on Sunday morning but this week we had some new folks who looked lost. Someone else needs to take on some leadership responsibility. Surely someone else will give sufficient funds to the church to support the budget. And why hasn't someone else volunteered to serve in that ministry? Recently I saw someone else walk by trash in the church parking lot and they made no effort to pick it up. Someone else knows about that struggling family who needs a meal taken to them but they just refuse to do it. Someone else has proven to be very undependable and irresponsible.

Well, here's an update on someone else. Someone else actually died a few years ago. Someone else moved away a while back. Someone else simply isn't here anymore. The only people at Community Presbyterian Church are us ... not someone else. So if the ministry of the Lord's church is to proceed it's not going to be done by someone else, it'll have to be done by us.

Are we still looking and waiting for someone else to serve, to support the church in its worship and work, to give, to encourage others, to lead, etc? The sooner we stop waiting for someone else to be active and involved the better. We're in this together and are in covenant with one another. Let's get after it.