My Cat ... My Mentor

Every morning there's a ritual at the Boykin home ... the feeding of the cats! Most every time I walk out the door, Tobias and Sagwa are there to greet me and demand that I meet their needs before pursuing my own agenda for the day. Though they are brother and sister and are both really sweet, they are very different. Though they both remind me of their presence and neediness, their need and desire isn't exactly the same. Tobias, the brother, gives me this passionate meow and eagerly anticipates me dumping some food in his bowl. Sagwa, the sister and runt of the litter, also expresses passion and right behind her brother leaps up onto the table where I put their food. But while Tobias eagerly digs in to his food as if he hasn't eaten in a week (even though his chubby physique betrays this display of hunger), Sagwa watches me dump her food in her bowl but longingly looks at me and gently expresses her desire to be petted, stroked, scratched, and talked to. Then, finally, after I show her attention and affection, she begins to eat. 

Though in functional terms I'm more like Tobias, I long to be like Sagwa. When I wake up each day I'm typically not looking for attention or affection, but rather I'm more concerned with mere physical needs such as food, shower, and clothing. I wish I would wake up each day and long for, cry out for, even demand attention and affection from my Heavenly Father who has redeemed me, who is present with me, who has promised to care for me, who gives me my daily bread, who meets all my needs, who is in covenant with me.

I said when I started our current sermon series on prayer that it is primarily for my own benefit. Yet I trust all of us will grow in intimacy with our Father and rise up each and every day longing and crying out for His mercy and grace and affection. May God grant us the grace to be people who daily feast in His Word, finding assurance of His grace and love, and engage in intimate conversation with Him in prayer.