The Old, Old Story

I realize I've recently been watching several TV shows that feature old car restorations ... shows such as Fast n' Loud, Graveyard Cars, FantomWorks, WheelerDealers, etc. fascinate me. It's amazing to see these folks take old, beat-up, rusted-out, non-working, piles of junk and transform them into working cars, often even into show car quality! They'll go into old barns, junkyards, or granddad's garage to find these cars. Sometimes people just bring them a project and the car guys then do their thing. And by the end of the episode we see the result ... something worthless transformed into a thing of beauty.

But for many of us, cars aren't that interesting. So maybe we watch shows like Fixer Upper, This Old House, Extreme Makeover, or Property Brothers. Here the same principle applies ... old houses with lots of problems transformed into something new. Or maybe your thing is fashion. Shows like What Not to Wear, How Do I Look?, Guide to Style, or Style by Jury catch your interest. All of us could probably use some degree of a fashion makeover. And, of course, we have this fascination with body transformation ... workouts, diets, body-sculpting, etc. 

I suspect most of our interest in the world of make-overs and transformation is simply rooted in God's image in us working itself out in our longing to see things made right. In a sense, these TV shows are just a retelling of the old, old story of the Gospel ... how God Himself takes dead, worthless, run-down, abandoned, junk people like us and transforms us in holiness, righteousness, and knowledge, all in and through His Son Jesus Christ. 

So while we probably all watch a bit too much TV maybe our obsession with transformation, renovation, make-over, conversion, etc. is just a reminder to us of our longing for the good news and hope of the Gospel. God has converted us by giving us a new heart that trusts in Christ ... He is transforming us as we behold the glory of Christ ... and He will transform us completely when Christ comes again in glory. Let's be thankful for the many glimpses and re-telling of this story in various ways. And let's thank God for the hope, assurance, confidence, and joy this Gospel story gives us as we live our daily lives.