Vacation Rest

Well, our week of vacation is almost over but not quite ... still have a day to rest, relax, slow down, read, think, and enjoy before hitting the road back home to Moody. It's been a wonderful and needed week to get away and unwind. 

Here's a fundamental truth that I often need to be reminded of ... pastors need vacations. Stress, fatigue, and anxiety are abundant in the lives of those in ministry and we don't need to pretend that these things don't count against physical limitations simply because work is done under the banner of "ministry." Also, pastors need to be humble enough to realize the church actually needs Jesus more than it needs them and it's a good thing to intentionally trust God and depend on Him. And one more thing ... maybe even the most important ... the pastor's wife need vacations! the stress and fatigue in their life is also very real.

So thank you CPC for allowing my wife and me to take a great vacation. I close with a quote from Jeramie Rinne.

May we not confuse busyness with godliness, or exhaustion with fruitfulness. Be courageous, leave the kingdom in God’s hands, and rest for the good of our soul, the health of the church, and the glory of God.