A Missed Forecast

The recent prediction of 2-3 inches of snow and freezing conditions that would create havoc on the roads turned out to be wrong. Many schools, businesses, daycares, churches, etc. closed all over the Birmingham area due to the forecast. Anita got a message from her boss on Sunday evening to come to work the next prepared to stay for 3 days! But, as we experienced, it was a major non-event. Lots of folks got really upset … you should go check out the mean tweets directed at James Spann, calling him all sorts of names, labeling him as incompetent, blaming him for loss of business and income, holding him responsible for disappointing children, and all sorts of other such wild stuff. Never mind the fact that it actually did snow in a few places and the forecast itself said not all places would get snow. But still, for the most part, it was a missed forecast and wrong prediction.

But would we prefer meteorologists not give us sufficient warnings of what could occur? Would we rather just go back to the days when the weather person was literally just for show, someone pretty to look at, only able to say what had already happened or what the current temperature or rainfall was? I believe anyone around B’ham who endured the 13 inches of snow back in March 1993 would rather be overly cautious. I suspect anyone who spent the night in their car, stuck on a B’ham road in the 2014 Snowpocalypse, would appreciate ample warning and be thankful for the extreme forecasts.

Every few years we get someone who proclaims with great certainty that Jesus is returning on a certain date. They point to world events, hidden Bible codes, prophecies, etc. Though these folks have obviously been wrong every time, they keep the predictions coming. Even a few nights ago I had a couple of men try to convince me about how current world events proves that Jesus is coming back in our lifetime.

Though I don’t buy into any of these claims about Jesus’ second coming, I do believe He is coming, and will come again soon … just as the New Testament writers believed He would return soon, even during their lifetime. “Soon” could be another 2000 years or more, but in the eternal scheme of things that’s soon!

I truly have no idea when He is coming but I do know the Scripture tells us to be ready.

Mark 13:32-33 - “But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Be on guard, keep awake. For you do not now when the time will come.”

Jesus may not come today, but I am to be ready. The second coming may be years in the future, but I’m to be on guard and keep awake. My preparation and readiness for His return may cost me financially, may mean I get a little disappointed, may mean I’m viewed as an incompetent Christian fanatic, but nonetheless I’m to live each and every day looking for my Savior to come back and make all things right!! I’m actually hoping He comes today.

Mark 13:37 - Stay awake