Name Change for the Church

Years ago when I worked for Reach Out Ministries (now Reach Out Youth Solutions) in Atlanta, one of my co-workers predicted that one day in the future I would pastor of a church and the church would be called, “Burt’s Church of Fun.” Some of you know this and that I often jokingly refer to CPC as Burt’s church of fun. Not because I think church is to be taken lightly or that it’s the church’s job to entertain folks, but rather we should truly enjoy church and that we should be able to laugh at ourselves and one another. Never, ever should theology be compromised or diminished; never should the Gospel be minimized; never should our focus be on anything other than Jesus Christ. (I want to make sure all that I’m saying is in the right context.) But we must be able to laugh and have fun with one another in the family of God. When we hire someone to replace me I guess we’ll have to come up with a new name though I sure hope we keep the “fun” part in it.

I’ve had a couple of very important criteria in CPC’s search for our next Sr. Pastor. One is his outward face to our local community. Will he be involved and easy to relate to in our St. Clair county culture? The second is whether or not the staff would feel comfortable pulling a prank on him and would he be able to laugh at it. I can report that our current candidate, Robby Grames, passes with flying colors (you’ll have to ask the staff to elaborate on this past Tuesday’s prank).

I leave you with some of the humor and wisdom from another PCA pastor, one of my favorites to follow on Twitter, Sammy Rhodes. He’s the RUF campus pastor at University of South Carolina and author of the book, This is Awkward that some men at CPC studied a few summers ago. Enjoy these nuggets … and laugh.

  • Forget personality tests. All you really need to get an honest sense of yourself is a pack of middle schoolers.

  • One fun way to describe Facebook is “Imagine you could read minds in Walmart.”

  • In heaven Chick-fil-A will be open on Sundays.

  • Every kid has a superpower. The ability to stop adults from napping.

  • “Welp, I guess this will just have to do.” - guy who invented meatloaf.

  • Date night ended at Trader Joe’s and I’m not even mad because, 1, at least it wasn’t Target, and 2, chocolate peanut butter cups.

  • The presidential candidate who will get my support in 2020 is the one who plans to make talking before coffee illegal.

  • When God closes a door he lovingly reminds you the doors of Waffle House are open 24/7.

  • At some point every marriage becomes a competition to see who’s more tired.

  • I like to think that when Jesus welcomed the little children and told the crowd their faith must be like a little child’s, that if oatmeal cream pies had been invented, he would have lovingly tossed them around.

  • Sweatpants should be the official uniform of Lent because they’re the best sign you’ve given up.

  • Drank a gallon of water today and I’m officially ready to turn my Instagram into a fitness account.

  • Nothing gets your day going like a panicked “we don’t have anything for the kids’ lunches” early morning grocery store run.

  • My wife corrected me three times as I attempted to fold my jeans KonMari style and it did not spark joy.

  • Meal planning is cool but have you tried Little Caesar’s?

  • There are no donut eating contests because every time you eat donuts it’s a donut eating contest.