Adult Sunday School



Our adult Sunday Classes are the primary place for Christian Education. The elders of Community want to insure that every member and guest has the opportunity to be taught the truths of the Gospel. Our desire isn't to create "super-saints" that think of themselves as "holier" than others, but rather to instruct our hearts toward the realization that we are all incredibly sinful yet amazingly loved in Christ. Of course, this is true only for those who have trusted in Christ as Savior.



Instead of a traditional Wednesday night class for adults, Community urges all members to get involved in some sort of one-on-one, life-on-life discipleship relationship with another believer.  Perhaps you want someone to disciple you ... perhaps you desire to invest your life in someone else and disciple that person ... or perhaps you need a bit of both!  Whatever the case, there are a number of men and women here at Community who long to engage with others in the journey of discipleship and spiritual growth.  If you're at all interested in pursuing a deeper walk with Christ through some discipleship training, please contact the church office.