CPC Youth

In the context of the larger Community Church family, CPC Youth seeks to build a grace-centered community of students who become so captivated by Christ’s love for them that this same love overflows in supportive relationships with one another and in a heart for those who don’t know Christ.

See how this desire shapes our values.



6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.


Wednesday Nights WORSHIP - LARGE GROUP


6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.



Sunday Night Discipleship Groups Meet at the Church.

Wednesday Night Worship Meets in the Youth Room.

Sunday Night D-Groups

  • 7th-9th Grade Boys are with Tanner Boykin
  • 7th-9th Grade Girls are with  
  • 10th-12th Grade Boys are with
  • 10th-12th Grade Girls are with Melissa Lawerence 


Beach Trip 2016

Go girls!

Go girls!


Youth Ministry Values

(the non-negotiables that will help us accomplish our mission)

  1. The Gospel

    • Christ is the center of attention

    • Repentance and faith

    • Study of God’s Word

  2. Implications: commitment to providing contexts for teaching and studying God’s Word; the authority and sufficiency of the Bible; utter dependence upon Christ and high faith expectations of what God will do in and through His people; relentless focus on Christ’s person and work

  3. The dignity and value of each individual

    • Every person is created in the image of God

    • Every believer is a valued member of God’s family

    • Every unbeliever is possibly one of the lost sheep Christ is calling to Himself

  4. Implications: we will demand respect for every person; the youth group must be a safe place for everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike; we must offer an appealing and welcoming environment for the unbelieving, non-Christian student

  5. The body of Christ

    • The authority of church leadership and structure

    • Commitment to participate in the life of the church

    • Be the means of assimilation for unbelievers into the church family

  6. Implications: there is the expectation for youth to be involved in the life of the whole church; we seek to see students and their families use youth ministry to be a side-door of entering the life of Community Church

  7. Relationships with one another

    • Encouragement for each other

    • Prayer for one another’s needs and spiritual growth

    • Depth in friendships

  8. Implications: we expect participation in one another’s lives in meaningful ways; peer accountability is fundamental; our group times will be strategic and necessary for relationships to develop; trips and retreats will be vital

  9. Making the invisible Kingdom visible

    • Development of a Christian world-view

    • Acts of mercy, justice, and service

    • Telling others of the good news about Jesus

  10. Implications: will work from a missional perspective; participation in various hands-on ministries; service projects, missions trips, etc.; evangelism training