Mission: (what we do)

Proclaim the Gospel to the generations to come that they may put their trust in the LORD, know His works and keep His commands.

Vision: (how we accomplish our mission)

Equip, Encourage and Assist parents in proclaiming the praises of the LORD to their children.


Children's Worship

Our experience with young children convinces us that they are able to know, love, and worship God. But corporate worship is structured and full of words based on stories and memories children do not yet have. The purpose of the Children’s Worship time is to assist our parents in the training of our children that in true worship, Christ is central. We purpose to help them to see the meaning and order in relation to the worship of the one true God.

There are many roles during the actual worship service: the storyteller (the one delivering the lesson), the music leader, those who will help to keep the children quiet and still and explain the importance of the different aspects of the service. Children learn through repetition, and it is our intent to train our young children in the importance of true worship and the parts of our worship service. We will address the importance of praise and music, prayer, scripture and even the response of tithes and offerings.

Children's Worship is offered during our 10:30 service to ages 3 to 5 years old. The children start out in "big church" with their parents during praise and worship, then are dismissed after prayer.


The area for our little ones are separated into two rooms:

Nursery is for infants up to walkers. This is a quiet, peaceful room for babies to play, rest and eat. Nursing mothers are welcome in this room, and therefore, men are asked not to stay.

Once the baby is walking, he or she can move up to the Toddler room. This room is full of fun with music, toys and snack time! We offer a curriculum to these little ones which includes a short story, singing and prayer.

The nursery and toddler rooms are staffed with at least two caregivers per room and the volunteer workers are on a monthly rotation, which adds comfort and consistency. All of our children’s workers and volunteers have gone through a thorough background check, as well.